October 24

Hi everyone, I returned to PR just last night after a brief furlough of nearly two weeks. Time passed quickly. It was great to see my brother and sister and their mates in TN as well as a few friends in IN and IL. Yet, I was ready to return to put my hand to the plow again so to speak and, of course, be with Mary. She stayed behind because of her job.

My brother, David and his wife, Cindy
This trip took me to Indiana and Illinois to visit three churches that have been behind our ministry for nearly as long as we have been in PR...45+ years. Frequently, as I consider their commitment and faithfulness, I give thanks to God over and over. Each church, Cincinnati Christian Church, Bloomfield IN, First Christian Church, Carterville, IL and First Christian Church, Anna IL certainly made me feel welcome and showed genuine interest in what we had been doing for the past few years.  
My sister, Nancy and brother-in-law, John

As I prepared to return to PR I considered what remains to be done in 2019. A youth retreat is right around the corner, benevolence projects remain to be completed, Christmas events are quickly approaching, Women’s Society events as well as Community Outreach projects are looming as well. And, a ministry fair to kick off 2020 is soon to be held the end of November.

Looking back very briefly, our Community Outreach ministry helped clean out a home for an elderly woman incapacitated by age and mental failure.  Grandparents' Day, September 8th was a festive occasion. A couple of weeks later the youth were in charge of the Sunday worship service. They did a great job. And finally, this Sunday is Pastors’ recognition Sunday.

Until next time! God bless each of you.

September 25, 2019

Good afternoon. We have received several inquiries concerning the situation here in Puerto Rico after the earthquake and the storm, Karen; both happening within a twenty-four hour time span. The earthquake was a 6.0 and a few aftershocks around 5.0. There were many others of lesser intensity. We were fortunate the epicenter was 55-60 kilometers (30-35 miles) north of where we live. Although the northwest side of PR where we live shook pretty hard, there was little if any damage, just jangled nerves and little sleep Monday night. The sound coming from beneath the surface of the earth was like a jet taking off, SPOOKY!

Aguadilla Bay: View from our town

As for Karen, it went over us last night with serious rain, lightening, and 35-40 mph winds. However, the damage all over the island was minimal.